Professor Sean Grimmond

Professor Sean Grimmond BSc PhD FFS RCPA obtained his PhD in pathology from the University of Queensland. He is a founding scientific fellow in The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia. Previous appointments include the chair of medical genomics at the University of Glasgow, co-director of the Scottish Genomes Partnership, a professor of genetics at the University of Queensland, and founding director of the Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics.

Over the past 8 years, Sean has pioneered whole-genome and transciptome analysis of cancer patients, led Australia's International Cancer Genome Consortium efforts into pancreatic, neuroendocrine and ovarian cancer, and contributed cohort-based mutational landscape studies in melanoma and oesophageal cancer. These studies have been used to resolve the mutagenic processes, driver mutations, molecular taxonomies, and potential vulnerabilities open to therapeutic exploitation in these cancer types. His current research is firmly focused on real-time omic analysis of recalcitrant cancers, testing the value of personalised therapies, and further cancer genome discovery.