Wednesday, 4 October
8:00am- 9:00am

Keynote Breakfast Session
Proudly Sponsored by Merck
Chairs: Dr Christopher Jackson

Topic: Biomarkers v sideness for selection of therapy in CRC
Speakers: Dr Ian Chau


AGITG Opening Plenary
Proudly Sponsored by Amgen
Co-Chairs: Prof Tim Price and Prof Eva Segelov

Topic: Personalised medicine - has it delivered on its promise?
Speaker: Prof Sean Grimmond

Topic: Are phase 3 trials in GI cancers past their use-by date?
Speaker: Prof John Bridgewater

Topic: Designing clinical trials in the molecular era
Speaker: Prof John Simes

10:30am-11:00am Morning Tea
11:00am-13:00pm Translational Science Symposium
Proudly Sponsored by Amgen
Co-Chairs: Prof Bridget Robinson and Dr Jayesh Desai 

Topic: What you see ain’t what you NET
Speaker: Dr Ben Lawrence

Topic: New translational approaches and technologies: optimal use for maximal benefit
Speaker: Prof Sean Grimmond

Topic: The promise of ctDNA in GI cancer – from screening to advanced disease
Speaker: A/Prof Peter Gibbs

Topic: Somatic Mutations, Infiltrative Immune Cells and Prognosis in DNA Mismatch Repair Deficient Subtypes of Colorectal Cancer
Speaker: Dr Dan Buchanan

Study Coordinator Forum
Chair: Ms Anne Smith

Topic: Quality of Life
Speaker: Grant Baker

Topic: Targeted Therapies in Upper GI Cancer 
Speaker: Dr Katrin Sjoquist

Topic: Regulatory and guideline changes to facilitate clinical trials
Speaker: Prof Stephen Ackland

Topic: Oesophagogastric Cancer 
Speaker: Prof Trevor Leong


13:00pm-14:00pm Lunch

Trial Session: Colorectal & Anal Cancer Trials
Co-Chairs: A/Prof Niall Tebbutt and Dr Jenny Shannon

Speaker: A/Prof Jeremy Shapiro

Topic: SCOT 
Speaker: Prof Eva Segelov

Speaker: Dr Mark Jeffery

Topic: InterAACT
Speaker: Dr Amitesh Roy

Speaker: Dr Matthew Burge

Topic: SPAR
Speaker: Dr Michael Jameson

Topic: CO.23
Speaker: A/Prof Jeremy Shapiro

Speaker: A/Prof Niall Tebbutt


Afternoon Tea


New Concepts Symposium
Proudly Sponsored by Specialised Therapeutics Australia
Co-Chairs: Prof Tim Price and Prof John Simes

Concept: Biliary neoplasm, OXaliplatin, Fluorouracil Folinic acid nal‐Irinotecan ChemothErapy for late / advanced tumours (BOXOFFICE)
Presenter: Dr Andrew Dean
Reviewer: Prof John Bridgewater

Concept: A Feasibility Study using Mfolfirinox And STEreotactic Radiotherapy for Pancreatic cancer with Locally AdvaNced disease (MASTERPLAN)
Presenter: Dr Andrew Oar
Reviewer: A/Prof Thierry Alcindor

Concept: The prevalence and significance of sarcopaenia in patients with operable adenocarcinoma of the stomach or gastro‐oesophageal junction undergoing treatment with curative intent and the impact of altered body composition on chemotherapy delivery
Presenter: Dr Katherine Geddes
Reviewer: Prof John Reynolds

Concept: A Randomised, Multicentre, Open label Phase II Study of novel formulation Deflexifol in combination with Oxaliplatin (Delox) vs FOLFOX in subjects with unresectable metastatic colorectal cancer
Presenter: Prof Philip Clingan
Reviewer: Dr Ian Chau


Welcome Function & Official Poster Viewing

Thursday, 5 October

Keynote Breakfast Session
Chair: Prof Mark Smithers

Topic: Obesity, Diabetes and Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma: Lessons from the Bench and the Bedside
Speakers: Prof John Reynolds


Co-Chairs: Dr Iain Thomson and Dr Susan Carroll

Theme: “One swallow does not a summer make: State of the art considerations in management of OG cancer” 
Topic: New strategies in the systemic management of GO cancer
Speaker: A/Prof Thierry Alcindor

Topic: Oesophageal cancer and technology-improving the therapeutic ratio
Speaker: Prof Karyn Goodman

Topic: Multimodal therapy and operative outcome: is there cause for concern?
Speaker: Prof John Reynolds

10:30am-11:00am Morning Tea
11:00am-12:30pm Responding to response - Challenging the paradigm 
Co-Chairs: Dr Christopher Jackson and Dr Tim Bright 

Topic: Molecular markers of prognosis and prediction 
Speaker: Prof Andrew Barbour

Topic: Clinical and imaging predictors of response 
Speaker: Dr Ian Chau

Topic: That complete clinical responders still require surgery for oesophageal cancer
Speaker: Dr Paul Cashin vs Prof Karyn Goodman
12:30pm- 13:30pm Lunch

Oesophagogastric Trials in Action
Co-Chairs: Prof Andrew Barbour and Dr Lorraine Chantrill

Speaker: Prof Trevor Leong

Speaker: Prof Andrew Barbour

Speaker: A/Prof Nick Pavlakis

Topic: Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Gastric Cancer 
Speaker: Dr Tim Bright 

Topic: Current European Trials: Rapid progress - forwards or backwards?
Speaker: Prof John Reynolds


Afternoon Tea


The Super MDT
Co-Chairs: A/Prof Nick Pavlakis and Prof Mark Smithers

Surgery Panel: Prof John Reynolds, Prof David Watson, Prof Mark Smithers
Radiation Oncology: Prof Karyn Goodman, Prof Trevor Leong, Dr David Pryor
Medical Oncology: A/Prof Thierry Alcindor, Dr Ian Chau, Dr Christopher Jackson

The aim of The Super MDT session is for the Chairs to present a selection of upper GI cases covering oesophago-gastric malignancy and areas of controversy. The role of the panel is to provide input and insights and to help develop robust discussion. It does not require any preparation on behalf of the panel members.


AGITG/ANZGOSA Combined Reception and Dinner

Friday, 6 October

Keynote Breakfast Session
Proudly Sponsored by Shire
Chair: Prof David Goldstein

Topic: New data, new standards: BILCAP and new EPOC
Speakers: Prof John Bridgewater


Radiation Oncology Contouring Workshop
Chair: A/Prof Andrew Kneebone

Speaker: Prof Karyn Goodman 
Topic 1: Anal Cancer
Topic 2: Oesophageal Cancer
Topic 3: Pancreatic Cancer

9:00am- 10:15am Trial Session: Hepatopancreatobiliary, GIST and NET
Co-Chairs: Dr Ben Lawrence and Prof David Goldstein

Speaker: Prof Desmond Yip

Topic: ATICCA-1
Speaker: Dr Jenny Shannon

Speaker: Dr Mustafa Khasraw

Speaker: A/Prof Nick Pavlakis

Speaker: Dr Morteza Aghmesheh
10:15am- 10:45am Morning Tea

Best of the Best/Fast Forward
Proudly Sponsored by Ipsen
Co-Chairs: Prof Michael Findlay and Prof Stephen Ackland

Best of the Best

Poster 1: The potential of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to guide adjuvant chemotherapy decision making in locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC)
Speaker: Dr Margaret Lee

Poster 2: Three distinct genomic landscapes define clinical outcome of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (pNETs)
Speaker: Dr Ben Lawrence

Poster 3: Exploring Consensus Molecular Subtypes (CMS) as predictors of benefit from bevacizumab in first line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer: retrospective analysis of the MAX clinical trial
Speaker: Dr Jennifer Mooi

Poster 4: Fluoropyrimidine-associated myocardial toxicity is a global metabolic effect not vascular spasm and is visible on FDG PET scanning
Speaker: Dr Andrew Dean

Fast Forward Presentations

Poster 1: The Cancer Stem-Like Cell Marker SOX2 is Prognostic and May Predict Response to Chemotherapy in Colon Cancer
Speaker: Dr Melanie McCoy

Poster 2: Follow-up and recurrence in resected gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours: A population-based study
Speaker: Prof Eva Segelov

Poster 3: Outcomes comparing right and left-sided metastatic colorectal cancer:  A multi-centre retrospective analysis in Queensland, Australia
Speaker: Dr Michael J Allen

Poster 4: An audit of the long term outcomes of Western Australian patients undergoing peritonectomy
Speaker: Dr David Ransom


Chair: Prof Eva Segelov

Theme: Implementation v Innovation - What rules in my world?
Topic: Translational Science
Speaker: Prof Sean Grimmond

Topic: Health Systems
Speaker: A/Prof Thierry Alcindor

Topic: Surgery
Speaker: Prof Andrew Barbour

Topic: Radiation Oncology
Speaker: Prof Karyn Goodman

Topic: Patient and Advocates
Speaker: Ms Simone Leyden

Topic: Public Health
Speaker: Dr Christopher Jackson


Closing Remarks
Speaker: Prof Eva Segelov



14:15pm- 15:15pm

Trainess Workshop
A career in oncology is highly rewarding and increasingly popular. An increasing number of trainees and a competitive job market means that now, more than ever, trainees need to be thoughtful and strategic about planning their training with an eye to the job market. This trainee’s workshop presents a unique opportunity to meet with senior and successful medical, surgical and radiation oncologists who have followed varied paths to their current position. This workshop will explore the many different opportunities available to trainees, and how to navigate training, research, service, teaching, fellowships, and how to flourish as a clinician, researcher, leader, teacher, or all four in Australia and New Zealand.

*Registration is essential for this session


Joint Consumer/Study Coordinator Forum
Chair: Ms Jan Mumford

Topic: Biomarkers in GI cancer: facts or myths
Speaker: Dr Sonia Yip

Topic: Surgical Options for Oesophagogastric Cancer 
Speaker: Dr Iain Thomson

Topic: A day in the life of a study coordinator 
Speaker: Ms Katharine Moore

Topic: Obesity and Diet
Speaker: Ms Belinda Steer

Final conference program with session descriptions can be viewed here.

Draft program subject to change and confirmation of invited speakers.